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Yoni is the Sanskrit word for "sacred space" and is often used in Eastern cultures as a euphemism for the vagina.
Because the vagina is a muscle, it has to move and will atrophy if it is not properly exercised. The best way to do this is through sexual activity.
Aaaaand the next best way is kegels -- exercises intended to strengthen the pelvic floor and vaginal muscles. The only problem with kegels, however, is that for the last few decades, women have been ill-advised in the proper technique!
Most ob-gyn's advise to simply squeeze and release the perineum muscles, but this is the equivalent to staring at your weights on the stand as you flex your muscles!
This is where the yoni egg comes in. Traditionally made of jade, they have been used in Eastern cultures for centuries to tone and strengthen the vagina and enhance sexual performance. Basically, these are natural stones carved and polished into the shape of an egg. They come in various sizes and can be made from almost any kind of stone.
There are numerous benefits to using a yoni egg including the prevention of incontinence, uterine prolapse and vaginal dryness. Using a yoni egg during perimenopause or menopause increases blood flow to the vagina, helping to stave off vaginal atrophy.
And, depending on the the metaphysical qualities of the stone you use, you can achieve deep energetic healing, as well.
As far as I have experienced, this practice is imperative to maintain libido, sexual stamina and overall life force energy (qi). A strong vagina enhances everything about your overall quality of life -- including creativity, decision making, and, yes, stronger, deeper orgasms.